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10,000 Mobile Panelists Get Surveys On the Go® Tattoos

Posted by admin on Mar 31, 2017 12:43:34 PM




As you’ve noticed, tattoos are everywhere, and MFour set out to survey members of the nation’s only all-mobile panel about tattoo consumption. Ink-credibly, we were unable to shut the survey down after the planned 6-hour fielding period. Talking about tattoos – theirs and others’ – was so engaging for respondents among the million-plus active panel members who use MFour’s Surveys on the Go® research app, that people were throwing down their smartphones in anger when they discovered the survey was already filled.


Outraged comments started pouring onto the Surveys on the Go® review pages at the App Store and Google Play. How dare we ask friends and relatives about tattoos, and refuse them the right to share their own crucial opinions on the 21st century’s most widespread form of truly committed personal expression?


We love our panelists. We take them seriously. So we reopened the study – with unlimited completes. Kudos to our Labs & Engineering team, for ingeniously installing instant emergency updates to our app and servers to keep the Surveys On The Go® system from crashing amid a flood of real time image and video responses capturing our survey-takers’ proudly-worn ink.


Among the hearts, dragons, risqué naughty bits, and heartfelt inked-in slogans, mottoes, and declarations of eternal love, we were shocked to see the Surveys On The Go® “OnGo” logo cropping up repeatedly – on arms, legs, backs, bellies, and even the occasional tush. Extending the survey from six hours to six days had so gratified our tattoo-loving panelists that a full 1% of them returned our love by rushing out to get permanent body ink.


MFour is truly humbled. And inspired.


CEO Chris St. Hilaire hit upon the most appropriate way to express his gratitude: “`Be heard, get paid’ is the Surveys On The Go® slogan – and today I’m announcing a new payment option for our panelists. Cash credits at tattoo parlors nationwide!”


“We’ll be shelling out a bundle,” the CEO added, “because we’re turning this into a tattoo tracker that’s never gonna end.”


Happy April Fools’ Day to one and all!


For a sampling of demographically representative tattoos we think we would have collected had we actually undertaken this study, just click here. And feel free to add them to your own personal collection on your next visit to your favorite tattoo artist.

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